Through issue-driven campaigns, ASM focuses on issues important to students. ASM’s combination of traditional student government methods and a cutting edge approach to volunteerism and participation has provided a framework for a broader student movement. The victories listed below were achieved with hard work from ASM leaders through student mobilization, tactical pressure and negotiations, relationship building and other strategic planning initiatives.

Victories and Notable Activities

Bus Pass
ASM negotiated with the Madison Metro to get students Madison bus passes each semester.
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24-Hour Library
College Library is open 24 hours per day, five days per week because of an ASM campaign.

Study Day
ASM advocated to get a guaranteed full study day every semester after classes have ended and before final exams begin. This benefits students by providing more time to study and helps to reduce stress.

Extended Library Hours
Memorial Library agreed to extend hours in the days leading up to final exams after ASM student leaders negotiated with them for the change.

Student Activity Center Building
ASM developed a building proposal and gaining funding for a new student center, which will be completed on the former University Square in 2009. The Student Activity Center will include housing, retail, and space for student organizations.
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Underage Entertainment Events
ASM pressured legislators to lower the bar age, then asked more Madison bars to purchase the Performing Arts Venue License and hold live-music events in a safe and fun atmosphere that anyone over 18 can enjoy. Now, at least five additional bars have purchased the license.

Student Print
ASM created a non-profit printing and copying shop that is student-friendly and affordable for quality services. Student Print is located at B-114 Memorial Union.
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Student Shared Governance
ASM continually fights for shared governance to ensure WI state statute 36.09(5) which states that students should be involved in every aspect of the university that affects student life. ASM appoints students to more than 50 committees across campus and has created multiple shared governance bodies, including the Dean of Students Advisory Board.
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Support of Student Organizations
ASM provides funding, space, and equipment for Registered Student Organizations.

Social Justice and Diversity Promotion

  • ASM sponsors Shadow Day, an event focused on minority students in which high-schoolers from Milwaukee and Madison spend a day with UW students.
  • ASM held a summit for the School of Business for Diversity and Campus Climate and installed a diversity training at SOAR (student orientation and registration).
  • ASM continues to work on roommate conflict resolution and dorm hate crime.


2004 Elections and Voter Registration
ASM collaborated with other state organizations to make Wisconsin have the second highest national voter-turnout rate for college students. ASM’s Vote 2006 campaign will work to register, inform, and mobilize UW-Madison students to vote in the fall 2006 General Election.

2006 Elections and Voter Registration

ASM and the 2006 Vote Coalition registered over 4,500 students to vote!

Victory at the Supreme Court
UW students insisted on a ruling that protects students’ right to collect activity fees to fund student-run student services. Now, the Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC) allocates approximately $20 million per year to fund student services and groups.

Worker’s Rights Success
ASM worked with local activists to raise Madison ‘s minimum wage.

Campus Safety and Student Parties

  • ASM helped make Halloween festivities safer with sponsored activities and fewer riot incidents.
  • ASM moved Mifflin Street Block Party to an earlier weekend date so that students can enjoy the party without losing a study day.