UW/UW Hospital Employee Bus Pass Program

UW Transportation Services offers annual bus passes to UW and UW Hospital employees. Some affiliated organizations such as the Wisconsin Historical Society  also participate in this program. These passes allow employees to ride for free on all Madison Metro routes.

This program has been revised for the 2014 academic year. Beginning in August, 2014 faculty and staff passes are available via an online ordering system. Please see http://www.transportation.wisc.edu/transportation/bus_pass.aspx for the most current details and a link to the ordering system.

The pass is good for use from September 2013 through August 2014, as long as you remain an employee or associate of the University or affiliated institution; if you leave employment, your bus pass will be deactivated. This year there is a charge of $24 for the pass for most employees. Please see the website above for more information.

This program is for staff at the UW-Madison and affiliated institutions such as the UW Hospital/UW Health, including many limited-term employees, visiting scholars and researchers who are not on campus to attend classes. Please see http://www.transportation.wisc.edu/transportation/bus_pass.aspx for the most current and complete information on eligibility.

Graduate assistants and student hourly employees of the University are not eligible for a faculty/staff pass. Graduate assistants and student hour lies must obtain a bus pass from ASM. If you are hired to work in one of these positions before you have begun your academic program, please note you will not be able to obtain an ASM bus pass until the start of your first semester. For example, if you are a new graduate student beginning classes in September, but employed as a grad assistant beginning in June or July, you are not eligible for a Spring/Summer bus pass but must wait until the fall pass becomes available. Madison Metro offers a variety of discount programs you can use until the start of the semester.

Visiting scholars, researchers and other affiliates on campus who are not enrolled in classes for academic credit at UW-Madison are not eligible for a student pass, but may be eligible for a faculty/staff pass; please speak with the department which is sponsoring your visit for more information.

For the most complete, up to date information about the faculty/staff bus pass program please see the UW Transportation Services webpage.