Union Council

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Committee Description: Governing board of the Wisconsin Union, responsible to the Board of Regents through the chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison; determines the scope of union programs through the approval of the free program goals and budgets; sets overall building policies and provides guidance and counsel to the various operating departments.

Number of Student Seats: 3

2016-17 student appointees: Madison Laning, Jessica Franco-Morales, Sam Park, and Carmen Gosey

2015-2016 student appointeeBrett Ducharme, Jessica Franco-Morales, Erin Harper, Madison Laning-Chair

Committee Chair: Susan Dibbel

What former shared gov reps have said: Union Council is the governing body of the Union working on dinning and event services, program and leadership, administration, facilities, and WUD. There are many different facets to the Union that this body will discuss. Most importantly, Union Council hears constant updates regarding the finances of the Union and votes on the entire Union budget before it is presented to SSFC in the Spring.