Undergraduate Recruitment, Admissions and Financial Aid

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Committee Description: Represents the faculty in regard to all aspects of the recruitment and admission of students and in regard to all aspects of financial aid for students except those handled by the faculties of individual colleges, schools, or departments. Makes recommendations to the faculty concerning the formulation of, or any substantive modification in, university policies on admission and financial aid. Makes recommendations to the faculty and administration concerning programs directed at enhancing the quality and diversity of the undergraduate student body. Advises the administration on and reviews the implementation and operation of these policies and programs

Number of Student Seats: 4

2016-17 student appointees: Alison Montenegro Samuel Park, Carment Gosey, and Madison Laning

2015-2016 student appointeeDerek Field, Alison Montenegro, Andy Stoiber, Samuel Park

Committee Chair: Kendziorski Newton

What former shared gov reps have said: It made me see how one change can have such a large effect on the entire University system. Personally I enjoyed sitting on this committee because it tied into my interests about diversity within the college campus specifically how many potential effects there are to possible changes and how many factors are taken into account.