ASM Travel Grant

The ASM Travel Grant provides funds for Registered Student Organization (RSO) travel to conferences and events that serve to further the mission of the RSO. Travel must be educational and bring something back to the UW-Madison Campus

ASM Travel Grant Applicants

 Looking to apply for an ASM Travel Grant? Below are resources and information to get you started. Grant policies, procedures, and application guidelines are discussed in detail. To better your RSO’s chances of receiving a grant, be sure to read everything carefully.

ASM Policies and Procedures

All grant applicants must adhere to the ASM policies and Procedures. While summarized below, the ASM Policies and Procedures document that is linked above will provide more detail, especially if your RSO has specific travel needs.

Grant Allocation Committee

The Grant Allocation Committee (GAC) reviews, hears, and awards ASM grant funds to RSOs. Please click above to learn more about the GAC and the student funds that support the ASM grants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our FAQs grow every year, making them a valuable resource for RSOs. These are updated at least once every semester. Click above to see if there is a quick answer to your question!

Grant Information

The ASM travel grant is a grant that supports Registered Student Organization (RSO) travel during the academic year (fall and spring semester). The person(s) applying and all travelers must be current RSO members and current UW-Madison Students. 

If interested, RSOs need to apply at least 6 weeks, or 42 full days, before they leave for their trip (NOTE: the 6 week limit includes day 42). RSO officers are the only members of an RSO who can apply for a grant (more info on becoming an officer here). They will need to log in with their Net ID.

After applying, the RSO will need to attend an ASM Grant Allocation Committee (GAC) grant hearing regarding the submitted grant application. If the GAC approves the grant, the RSO would then need to attend a grant workshop with the ASM finance staff to go over all the logistics of using an ASM travel grant before the RSO can use the awarded grant.

Click on the tabs above to learn more about each step in the grant process.

Only UW- Madison Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) in good standing with the Center for Leadership and Involvement (CfLI) may apply for the ASM travel grant. Individuals seeking personal or professional travel support are ineligible to receive the ASM travel grant.

  • The RSO cannot be a GSSF group.
  • Applicant and travelers must be current UW Madison students and active RSO members. 
  • Travel grant funds can only support members of the RSO who are listed on the WIN roster.
  • Travel should be voluntary and have a defined purpose, audience, agenda, and timeframe as set forth by a non-RSO event organizer. 
  • RSOs can only apply for one travel grant per academic year.
  • RSO travel must further their RSO’s mission statement.
  • RSO travel cannot duplicate a travel already held in the current semester by a different RSO or provided by other University department or program.
  • RSO travel must be educational based, not based on social/job/internship searching. Those educational components of the travel must be brought back to campus and shared with all students in some capacity.
  • RSOs may not receive academic credit at any institution for the travel.
  • RSOs may not receive ASM travel grant funds for food or beverages.
  • RSOs may not be the sole or primary participants of the travel, with the exception of service trips.
  • RSO travel cannot be directly supporting an elected official or campaign of a political candidate at the state, local, or national level.
  • RSOs cannot be collecting donations or contributions, fundraising, or otherwise collecting revenue for or during the travel. This includes donation/fund collection before the travel.
  • RSO funding requests cannot exceed $3,000, or $500/person if 6 or less persons traveling.
  • RSOs cannot spend requested funds prior to the workshop with the Financial Staff following the RSO’s hearing and approval by the GAC
The ASM travel grant can fund:

  • Registration Fees: For UW-Madison RSO student members. Separate registration food costs cannot be covered by the ASM travel grant.
  • Lodging: For UW-Madison RSO student members. Lodging cannot be booked through 3rd parties (, etc..). There is a lodging maximum that ASM can pay when using travel grant funds, based on the UW lodging calculator.
  • Transit Costs: For UW-Madison RSO student members. If you are applying for ground travel, please note that ground travel (fleet, rental car, or personal vehicle) requires the driver to be an authorized driver with UW Risk Management. RSOs cannot be supported for ground travel unless they are authorized. If you are applying for flights, please note all flights must be booked through FOX travel.
  • Other: For the unique needs of a trip not covered in the above categories.

Completed grant applications must be submitted in full at least six weeks (42 full days) before the travel. It is important to note that the application does not let you apply on the 42nd day, as the 6 week limit includes day 42 – because of this, please make sure you apply well in advance of the deadline. There are no exceptions to this 6-week deadline. Grants are heard on a first come-first serve basis. We urge RSOs to apply more than 6 weeks in advance of their event so they are not being heard last minute.

Important notes on the application:

  • RSO officers are the only members of an RSO who can apply for a grant (more info on becoming an officer here). They will need to log in with their Net ID.
  • RSOs can only apply for ONE travel grant per academic year.
  • There are tools in the grant application to help guide you. Use them! Read the intro notes and hover over the question marks in the application for helpful advice and policy reminders.
  • Once an RSO grant is submitted, you cannot edit it. HOWEVER…
  • You will always be able to access and view your application after submission. Whenever there are any changes to the status of your application (ex. “Awaiting review”, assignment of a hearing date, etc…) you will be able to see and track those changes online.

After your Travel Grant Application is submitted, the Grant Allocation Committee (GAC) Chair will review the application and followup with any concerns.

  • Once the application is accepted for review, the GAC Chair will email the grant contacts with their scheduled date to be heard by the committee. This email will also inform the RSO of what to expect at the hearing (and what to bring).
  • Hearings occur weekly, beginning the second week of Fall classes.
  • The 2018/19 Hearing Day: Tuesday

Track the status of your application

The grant contacts will recieve notice of award or denial within 24 hours after their hearing.

  • If the grant application was denied funds, you will be informed as to why the GAC denied your application by the GAC Chair.
  • If the grant application was awarded funds, the grant contacts (one or both) are required to attend a grant workshop with the ASM Financial Staff. This workshop is required and provides crucial information to the RSO on how to appropriately spend the awarded grant funds.
  • If awarded funds, do not spend any money (including funds you hope to be reimbursed for) before attending the workshop with an ASM Financial Specialist, as those funds spent will not be able to be reimbursed or paid by the ASM Travel Grant.

Track the status of your application

If your RSO was awarded funds, you will need to email the ASM Finance Staff ( to set up a time to attend the required workshop.

  • The grant workshops take place at the ASM offices: 4301 Student Activity Center (SAC), 333 East Campus Mall, Madison, WI 53715
  • The grant workshops take between 30 min – 1 hour depending on the complex nature of the grant.
  • The workshops go over grant use policy, procedures for spending grant funds, and payment plans.

ASM Travel grant is closed for 2018/2019 Academic year

ASM Travel Grant Recipients

If you have recieved an ASM Travel Grant and already attended the workshop with the ASM Financial Staff, this next section is for you! Below are payment resources and grant forms to assist you in successfully using your ASM Travel Grant.


Payment Resources


Registration for a conference must be for current student RSO members. The registration fee cannot be a dontation or membership fee. Please click above for more registration policies and grant payment options for your travel.


There are many UW-Madison polices surrounding travel. Please click above to review transportation policies based on the type of transportation awarded to your RSO, and the aligning grant payment options.


Payment for lodging must abide by UW lodging policy. Please click above to review lodging policies and grant payment options.

Interested in reading more about the UW-Madison Travel Policies and Procedures? Click the button on the right.

Travel Grant Forms

The grant forms listed to the right are designed to help guide you through payment processes and to allow you to make changes to your grant budget if need be. Depending on your grant situation, you may need to use all the forms to the right, or only one (the survey is a grant requirement).

Reimbursement Documents
In order to be reimbursed by UW, there are specific documents required of each person seeking reimbursement. Click here to learn more
Grant Memo Form
This form is required if you are dropping any grant materials off at the ASM Front Desk. There are copies of the grant memo form at the front desk and a digital copy here.
Budget Transfer Form
If you need to move funds from one award category to another award catergory (ex. moving $100 from Lodging to Registration), you will need to request that change by completing a budget transfer form.
30 Day Grant Extention Request Form
If you cannot get all your grant materials turned into the ASM offices within 30 days after your trip, you will need to request an extention. Fill out the 30 day extention form and turn it into the ASM offices as soon as you know you need the extention.
Travel Duplication Form

This form is required if your travel duplicates a travel already held in the current semester by a different RSO or provided by other University department or program. It will need to be approved by the GAC chair prior to your trip. 

Travel Grant Survey
The Travel Grant survey must be filled out by one grant contact following your trip. You have 30 days from the final day of your trip to complete the survey. To access the survey, you will need to be signed into google docs with your email
The workshop explained everything very clearly and the ASM staff were very responsive to questions that our team had about the grant process.

The most valuable part is the hearing in which we are allowed to describe our purpose and goals in an open forum. This allowed us to effectively share our goals and purpose to ensure things were completely transparent to ASM.

We sincerely appreciated how quickly we heard back from the committee about whether or not we received the grant.

Questions on the Grant process?

Email the Grant Allocation Committee Chair and/or ASM Finance Staff