Sustainability Advisory Board

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Committee Description: The Office of Sustainability advisory board is a crucial part of keeping office operations and initiatives on track. Members of the advisory board have diverse backgrounds and careers, but all share a passion for putting sustainability into practice. The Office of Sustainability is responsible for implementing the Campus-wide Sustainability Initiative, developing and facilitating sustainability principles in education, research, and campus operations; and serving all aspects of campus, including the academic units and departments in operations. As such, the Office promotes crosscutting practices and initiatives related to sustainability on our campus.  The intent is to harness the diversity, knowledge, and enthusiasm of the University’s students, faculty, and staff to promote a campus that studies sustainability and implements what is learned in campus practices.

Number of Student Seats: 2

2016-17 student appointees: Tyler Lark and Sanober Mirza

2015-2016 student appointeeTyler Lark, Kyla Kaplan

Committee Chair:

What former shared gov reps have said: Because the OS Advisory Board meets only once a semester for a limited amount of time, it’s important that the shared gov rep already have a working knowledge of the OS and be familiar with what/who it is and does, such that they are able to understand, contribute, and represent students at the meeting. Similarly, given the infrequent contact, the rep should strive to serve on this seat for multiple years in order to build some consistency and repor.