Student Title IX Advisory Committee

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Committee Description: This Student Title IX Advisory Committee is a diverse committee of students charged with advising the Dean of Students and the campus Title IX Coordinator on a range of Title IX and VAWA issues. These issues include, but are not limited to, sexual violence awareness and prevention education, complaint investigation and adjudication policy, and campus culture/climate. The committee will facilitate transparent and open communication between UW Administration and students to the highest degree possible considering Federal and State law and applicable campus policy. This committee will also communicate with university faculty and staff to identify strategies for ensuring that students understand their rights under Title IX and know how to report possible violations of Title IX. Members of this committee will meet no less than monthly to discuss and actualize ways to improve how our campus confronts and repairs harms associated with sexual assault and other gender-based violence to make this campus safer for all UW-Madison enrollees, employees and visitors.

Number of Student Seats: 10

What former shared gov reps have said: 

It is a new committee and we have a lot of work to do as far as establishing official meeting times and understanding our roles in this committee*** This is the most amazing committee I have been on. The conversations we have during our meetings are very encompassing for the issues that we are seeing on campus right now regarding sexual assault. The purpose of this committee is to challenge each other in a positive way so that we can push ourselves to create solutions that will greatly impact students on campus. ******That sexual assault/violence is a real and prevalent issue nationwide, but particularly on our campus, and that it impacts women of color (especially Native women) disproportionately. That the work of this board is not fairweather to survivors and advocates because of the seriousness of the issues on this campus and it should not be taken as such. That the issue is large and can be overwhelming to think about, let alone act upon and one’s mental/emotional health must also be regularly checked on throughout their tenure.