Advisory Committee to the Office of the Dean of Students

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Committee Description: The Committee advises the Dean of Students, the Faculty Senate, and the administration on aspects of student life not part of the formal instruction program of the university.

  1. Recommends, encourages, and evaluates programs and policies that support a positive learning environment and student learning outside the formal instructional program, in cooperation with the Undergraduate Education Committee.

  2. Recommends, encourages, and evaluates programs and policies regarding the student social environment including issues of conduct, health and safety, harassment, and substance abuse.

  3. Studies and makes recommendations regarding student academic and nonacademic misconduct and related policies, rules, and procedures. The committee does not hear or consider whether an existing policy or rule ought to be applied in any individual case.

  4. Advises the Dean of Students on organization and priorities for programs under her/his direction.

Number of Student Seats: 4

2016-17 student appointees: Hannah Geigler, Bernice Hodge, Jessica Franco-Morales, and Kirk Anderson

2015-16 student appointeesMadison Tully, Bernice Hodge, Jude Barakat, and Hannah Geigler

Committee Chair: Douglas Rouse

What previous student reps have said:

This committee is super fun and very rewarding. I have learned a lot from our guest speakers and from having discussions with Lori. It is very rewarding to be able to engage in meaningful conversations and have many perspectives to consider (including the perspective of the Dean!). I think that students in the future should know that while the committee size is relatively small (or at least the people that go to the meetings), it is a very inclusive and accepting space. ****They should have an introduction before the first meeting to understand the purpose of this committee. Sometimes I feel that, especially new members, don’t exactly know the potentiality of their role.