Student Misconduct Panel

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Committee Description:

The Student Misconduct Hearing Panel is a pool of fifteen people trained and able to hear non-academic misconduct cases. The hearing committee for a particular case (a sub-set of the panel) is assigned by the Chair of the panel. Appointments to the panel may be made for any length of time and typically are made for periods of one to four years for faculty, staff and students. Appointments may be made on a staggered basis to allow for a balance of experienced and new members in a given year.

Number of Student Seats in Pool: Variable

2016-17 student appointees: Kathryn Haznaw, Nik Vakil, Sally Rohrer, Tony Burke, Allison Ebben, Abigail Murphy, Connor Klosterman, Shannon Davis

2015-16 Student Appointees: Paul Blazevich, Jade Hall, Connor Klosterman, Madeline Krahn, Taylor Wahlig, Brett DuCharme, Shannon Davis, Allison Ebben, Tony Burke, M Paula Phillips, Tony Burke, Neil Kline, Abigail Murphy, Alec Mitchell
UW-Madison Staff Contact: Ervin (Kipp) Cox

Meeting Schedule:  Pending hearing dates

What former Shared Gov reps have said: They should look into training early as early as possible, check their emails often for hearing requests, and be prepared to serve when requested. These can be a very fulfilling opportunity to serve fellow peers, however its important to have a sufficient amount of knowledge (title ix, chapter 17, and academic guidelines) when making decisions about another students status on campus.