Student Business Incubator: For Tenants

Tenant Evaluation

The Incubator tenants will be evaluated throughout the semester. This progress will be shared with the ASM’s Student Activity Center Governing Board. Some of the ways in which this could happen is through the following:

  • A monthly meeting with the advisory board
  • A monthly check-sheet or update completed by the tenants
  • A monthly blog or journal entry about the progress of the business and its experience in the Incubator

Graduation & Leaving the Incubator

  • The Incubator tenants will graduate out of the Incubator when the owners are no longer students, the business can sustain itself outside of the Incubator, the Incubator no longer meets the needs of the business, the business has closed operations, or the entrepreneurs choose to leave.
  • In addition, the SBIB will have the right to terminate tenancy at any time should it feel the need to do so. Some of the contributing factors in this decision may be:
    • Tenancy has exceeded its maximum duration (To be determined. For example: 1 year)
    • The entrepreneur or business has violated any of the Incubator policies (currently being written)
    • The entrepreneur or business is no longer benefiting from tenancy
    • The business is not utilizing the space as much as it should be
    • The space is no longer adequate for meeting the needs of the business
    • The tenancy is disrupting or hindering the learning and assistance of other tenants and entrepreneurs
    • The business is no longer considered a viable endeavor
    • The business is established enough to be successful outside of the Incubator
    • The business is no longer run by students
    • The business has created a conflict of interest with the University
    • The business is no longer legal or ethical
    • The other tenants have requested to remove the business from the Incubator
    • The business or entrepreneurs are abusing the Incubator privileges and resources