Student Business Incubator: For Applicants

Steps in Tenancy

  • Finished applications should be sent to
  • Applications will be distributed beginning in the Fall 2008 semester, for tenancy beginning January 2009.
  • Applications will be held on file for one year.
  • The Student Business Incubator Board (SBIB) will review all of the applications. General selection criteria include:
    1. Applicant(s) must not be under academic probation at UW-Madison
    2. Applicant(s) must categorize their venture as either: a) a business that has started operation or b) a business idea, not yet in operation
    3. Applicant(s)/Owner(s) must have a legal business or business idea. If the owner(s) have a developed business it must follow legal practices, including, but not limited to acquiring revenue in a legal matter (e.g. selling products or services). If a student does not have a developed business, but a proposed business idea, it must follow legal practices, including, but not limited to, acquiring revenue in a legal matter (e.g. selling products or service)
    4. Applicant(s) must complete the application, including the Personal Statement (rated 2 through 10; 2 = inadequate, 10 = adequate)
    5. Applicant(s) in addition to the application, must provide: Each criteria rated lowest through highest, 1-5 respectively.
      • Business Plan (click for help writing one)
        • History (Not applicable if not yet in operation)
        • Past milestones (Not applicable if not yet in operation)
        • Future Timeline
        • Description of product(s) and/or service(s)
        • Resources necessary for operation (e.g. people, equipment, financing)
      • Financial projections for future operation (at least one year from start of tenancy)
        • Revenue
        • Expenses
      • Marketing Plan
        • Target market – who needs or will buy product(s)/service(s)
        • How will you reach your target market
        • What are the companies’ strengths and weaknesses
        • What are the companies’ opportunities and threats
    6. The final ten (10) applicants must give five minute presentation, followed by five minute Q&A of Student Business Incubator Board, to narrow down to final six (6) to be granted space
  • Applicant(s) who receive space must sign an agreement, including, but not limited to:
    • Abiding by Student Activity Center guidelines
    • Participation in at least one SBI outreach program
    • Releasing UW-Madison and its entities of any legal liability
  • The advisory SBIB will interview ten finalists that meet the criteria above to decide which businesses will receive tenancy. These finalists will give a five minute presentation, followed by a five minute question and answer session, to the SBIB. They will also be required to condense their business plans into two to three pages to be presented at that interview.
  • Agreements for the use of space must be signed by the final six businesses. The agreement is currently under construction.
  • Previous applicants not admitted into the Incubator are encouraged to re-apply.
  • Incubator operations and tenancy during the summer and winter breaks have yet to be determined.