School of Education Equity & Diversity Committee

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Committee Description: The Equity and Diversity Committee advises the Dean on the climate within the School in relationship to issues of equity and diversity, with diversity defined in a broad and inclusive way. The Committee works to ensure that the School of Education has the most diverse faculty and student body possible, and seeks to create a welcoming and supportive organizational culture that enables students, faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds to pursue their educational interests and contribute effectively to local, state, national and international communities.

Number of Student Seats: 2

2016-17 student appointees: Halle Luksich and Rebecca Landon

2015-2016 student appointeesHalle Luksich, Mengjia Song

Committee Chair: Jeff Ham

What former shared gov reps have said:

Although many issues discussed seem to directly affect faculty rather than students, there are issues of equity and diversity that affect students as well and should be brought up to the committee. You got to come prepared and ready to be engaged