Student Activity Center FAQ

Where is the Student Activity Center located?

The SAC is located on the third and fourth floors of the University Square building (333 East Campus Mall). The building resides between University Avenue and Johnson Street, bordered by Lake Street on the east side.

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What is the purpose of the SAC?

The purpose of the SAC is to provide a centralized area where many UW-Madison organizations can work and collaborate. It provides organizations with office and storage space, as well as all the benefits that come with the creation of a brand new building. Some of those benefits include: state of the art meeting and conference rooms, a large rooftop deck, a multipurpose room equipped for dancing, a student art-lined gallery hallway, a computer lab, and various study spaces for all students to enjoy.


I heard that the SAC is being paid for with segregated fees – who decided that?

In short, students decided. The project originated as an idea between several students in ASM and other key players on campus, such as University Health Services. ASM saw a need for more space on campus for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and University Health Services (UHS) was looking to be more centrally located on campus. To make sure we had the full support of the students, we put a referendum on the ballot for the ASM elections and it passed by a large margin. By passing it through a referendum, students showed their support and made the decision to move forward.


How can my organization apply for space in the SAC?

Space in the SAC is given out through a formal application and allocation process. Applications become available by November 1 of each year and are due on December 1. During the beginning of the spring semester, the SACGB will make paper cuts and interview organizations for each available office space. Leases that are approved will run from August 1 until Memorial Day of the following year.


Who makes the decision on what organizations get space in the new SAC?

Those decisions are made by the SAC Governing Board, a committee of the Associated Students of Madison. For more information on the SAC Governing Board, see their webpage.


What else is in the University Square building?

University Square is made up of two different buildings – one which is the privately owned Steve Brown apartments, and one which includes the university services tower.

  • Underground: Parking for moped, bikes, and cars
  • Floors 1 & 2: Ground level retail
  • Floors 3 & 4: The Student Activity Center
  • Floors 5-8: University Health Services
  • Floors 9 & 10: Bursar’s Office and Student Financial Aid Office
  • Floors 10 & 11: Office of the Registrar