SAC Tenant FAQ


What’s included in my office?

Every office in the Student Activity Center (SAC) is uniquely different. Below is a general list of the furniture we provide in the small, midsize, semi-suite, and suite offices. For a more specific list, email with your office number.

Small Offices
1 desk, equipped with shelving and storage area
1 chair

Midsize Offices
2 desks, equipped with shelving and storage area
2 chairs
Some offices have a small table and filing cabinet(s)

Semi-Suite and Suite Offices
Vary too significantly – please contact the SACGB Chair for more information about your specific suite


Can I have a coffee maker, microwave, or refrigerator in my office?

No, unfortunately not. Please see your lease for more details on what’s prohibited in your office.


When can I move in?

All student organizations should be able to move into their offices on August 1. However, this date is tentative, as all of the offices are not always move-in ready by that time. Please check on the status of your office with the front desk prior to moving in.


What is an access list?

An access list is the list of people whom you want to have access to your office. Once on the access list, the student, faculty, or staff member may use their Wiscard to open your office’s keybox and enter your organization’s office. NOTE: YOU MUST BE AFFILIATED WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN – MADISON IN ORDER TO BE PUT ON AN ACCESS LIST. Affiliates include students, faculty, and staff members. Non-affiliates (alumni, organization advisors, etc.) must be accompanied by an affiliate in order to enter the SAC and be in a student organization’s office.


What do I need to include in my access list request?

When submitting your access list, be sure to provide the following information for every member who is requesting access:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • University affiliation
  • Number on the back of Wiscard (under the thick black bar – NOT the student ID number)
  • Send all of your members whom you want on the access list at one time
  • Submit the access list to


What are my office’s required amount of hours and persons/ hour?

The required amount of hours and persons/hour vary for each office size.

  • Small Offices: 10 hours per week, 1 person per hour
  • Midsize Offices: 20 hours per week, 2 persons per hour
  • Semi-Suite and Suite Offices: 32 hours per week, 4 persons per hour


Who should I contact with questions about office hours or office accountability?

Please contact the SAC Governing Board Vice Chair: