Applying for Space

Office Space

If you have any questions about office space, please contact the SACGB Chair:

Before Applying:
The SACGB highly recommends that all space applicants tour the different office sizes before applying for space. There are four office types: suites, semi-suites, medium offices, and small offices. They vary substantially in size, availability, and use requirements. If you’d like to schedule a tour of the offices before applying, please contact the SACGB Chair at

Application Process:

Each year, applications for the next academic year are made available by November 1st. These applications will be posted online, as well as emailed out to the CfLI listserv. Please make sure you keep your organization’s contact information up to date with CfLI to avoid missing important emails about space decisions. Applications are due on December 1. NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE REVIEWED. Paper cuts and interviews begin once the spring semester has started. Successful applicants will be allowed to move in to their new office space on August 1st.

Information on the application process can be found in the SACGB Bylaws and Standing Rules, as well as in the application itself. Please read all of these documents before applying.



Storage Cages

If you have any questions about storage cages, please contact the SACGB Chair:

Storage cages will be allocated in the fall of odd years (2017, 2019, 2021, etc.). Applications go live on the WIN page by August 1 and applications close on September 30. Information on the application process can be found in the SACGB Bylaws and Standing Rules, as well as on the application itself. Leases begin the week prior to the start of the spring semester and end on December 15 each year.


Storage Lockers & Mailboxes

If you have questions about storage lockers or mailboxes, please contact the SAC Front Desk:

If you are a registered student organization you can apply for a storage locker and/or mailbox in the SAC. Your organization will have this space for one year after your agreement is approved. Fill out the bottom part (signature line) of the appropriate agreement with your organization’s name, your title, and your email address and turn it in to the 3rd floor reception desk. The SAC Tenant Relations Lead will then contact you about whether your agreement has been approved.