Recreational Sports Board

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Committee Description: Advises the administration concerning the development, programming, staffing, maintenance, and financing of recreational sports facilities for faculty, staff, and students. Initiates actions in matters of budget and personnel for the chancellor. When issues related to academic matters develop, decisions shall be restricted to a subcommittee consisting of the faculty members of the committee. Disputes about identifying issues as academic shall be resolved by the University Committee.

Number of Student Seats: 8

2016-17 student appointees: Jeremy Dobbs, Sathya Kadaba Parthasarathy, Vaness Studer, and five openings

2015-16 student appointees:Alex Carlos, Elly Pirman, Trevor Schmitz, Hannah Akbik, Natalie Morel, Katelyn Huebner

Committee Chair: Jesse Markow

What former shared gov reps have said: Everyone is really nice, the other adults value the student voice and look to students for insights. After all, everything Rec Sports does, they do for the students.