School of Education Programs Committee

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Committee Description: The School of Education faculty as a whole has delegated the responsibility for the review of all proposed new courses, new programs, and revisions of existing courses and programs to the School’s Programs Committee. The Committee may initiate proposals for change that are then referred to another appropriate department or committee for further action, or the Committee itself may elect to pursue a particular course of action. In fulfilling these functions, Committee members serve as liaisons with departments and provide feedback between departments and the Committee. Other review bodies, including the faculty, the Chancellor’s Office, and System Administration, assume that the actions of the Programs Committee represent informed professional judgment in accordance with School and University policy. Actions taken by the Programs Committee are subject to faculty and administrative review at all levels

Number of Student Seats: 2

2016-17 student appointees: Ashley Gaskew, Rebecca Landon

2015-2016 student appointees: Ashley Gaskew, Rebecca Landon

Committee Chair: David Rosenthal, Tammi Pekkala-Matthews

What former shared gov reps have said: This committee is best for someone who is in the School of Education. We discuss classes that should be added to the School of Ed and classes that should be removed from the School of Ed. All of the faculty on the committee are wonderful people and it is truly a great experience for someone who wants to know more about what is happening in the School of Ed.