Operations Grant Tips and Worksheet

Application Form Tips.

  • Be prepared! Everything will go much more smoothly if you have your information laid out and handy before you start your application.
  • Remember that Operations Grant money cannot be used to supplement any other ASM grant programs. In addition, this money cannot be used for specific event programming.  Event Grants are also available through ASM.
  • You must be a current RSO and your organization must be registered at the start of the next academic year.
  • The more accurate your request is, the more likely you are to get funding.
  • If the total of your request is $500 or less and you are only applying for printing and office supplies, you are strongly encouraged to apply for the ASM Open Fund Grant.  You will not have to finish this application or attend a hearing.  When funds are available your organization can be eligible for $200 of funding for printing ($150) at StudentPrint and Office Supplies ($50) in the form of a WISCARD at the University Bookstore.

Getting started.

  • Read the ASM Operations Grant Guidelines
  • If you cannot retrieve your organization’s name in the drop down box, simply type the name in manually after clicking the “Start Application…” box.
  • You may leave the web program at anytime and sign back in later to complete your application.  Please find a way to remember your password.  In order to complete this application your organization must have completed a budget for the 2015-2016 year.  If your organization has a prior history that information is also requested.  Please use the best data available.
  • Once you have the prepared materials needed, the application is expected to take 1 hour to complete. It will take 3-4 hours without prepared materials.
  • Do not include expenses or income used to support special events in this application.
  • Since the application may time out before you finish entering your information, it is highly recommended that you save the application separately, enter the information at your leisure and then paste it into the online application when ready.


 Information Required

General information needed

  • Name, address, phone and e-mail of two of your organization’s student members.  Please list your financial officer as one of the contacts.
  • General description of your organization, its goals, and means used to reach the goals.
  • Your plans to involve and reach out to students.

Financial information needed


  • Please indicate if you have prior fiscal year budget information by checking the box on the budget page.
  • Detailed budget for operations for July 2015 – June 2016 that includes a breakdown by the following categories:
Expense Category (do not include special event expenses) Current Year 2014-2015 Expenses


Total Organization Budget for 2015-2016


ASM Request for 2015-2016


Printing/Graphics $ $ $
Supplies $ $ $
Postage $ $ $
Subscriptions $ $ $
Advertising $ $ $
Web Design $ $ $
Equipment/Space Rental $ $ $
Other $ $ $
Non-ASM supported Expenses $ $ $ XXXXXXX
Total Expenses $ $ $


Income (do not include income collected to support special events) Current Year (if applicable) 2014-2015 Next Year 2015-2016
ASM Grant Request (if applicable) $ $
Other Income $ $
Total Income $ $

You will need a brief description of your income sources.

Total expenses must equal total income.

Additional financial information required for 2015-2016 budget year

For each detail item in the following categories (except non-ASM supported expenses) be prepared to provide the information indicated. Line item totals must be manually calculated, the program does not auto-calculate at the line item level.

Printing/Graphic Design (at StudentPrint):

  • Description of item being printed or designed
  • Cost per item produced
  • Hourly rate and # of hours for graphic design time

Program Supplies:

  • Item description and price
  • Vendor name, address, and phone


  • Purpose of mailings
  • # of pieces, cost per piece


  • Name of magazine or journal and cost


  • Advertisement vendor, purpose of ad, size of ad, date ad being run, cost of ad

Equipment/Space Rental:

  • Item or facility rental description and price
  • Vendor name, address, and phone


  • Description of item or service
  • Vendor name, address, and phone
  • Cost of item or service

Non-ASM supported Expenses (equipment purchases, wages, gifts…)

  • Brief description of these expenses

Grant Allocation Committee Hearing Times

Hearings will start on:

To Be Determined – check back for updates.

For the complete 2015-2016 Operations Grant Timeline click here


Please contact ASM at 265-2272 or at asmfinancestaff@rso.wisc.edu if you need any assistance.