Memorial Library Committee

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Committee Description: Reviews and advises the Memorial Library Administration on policies related to collection development, collection evaluation, and bibliographic activities, especially in the humanities, social sciences, and general reference. Advises the Memorial Library Administration on other major policy issues concerning, inter alia, staffing levels, budget, automation, and user regulations. Significant gift collections, special fund-raising efforts, major building and space remodeling projects, and major appointments are some of the items upon which the committee should be consulted. Responds to the concerns of faculty, staff and students who use Memorial Library. Receives regular reports on Memorial Library operations.

Number of Student Seats: 2

2016-17 student appointees: Emily Huang one opening available

2015-16 student appointees: Zach Anderson, Chrissy Hursh

Committee Chair: Florencie Hsia

Meeting Dates/Times: TBA