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Associated Students of Madison:

A Message From the Chancellor


Chancellor Martin will be hosting three campuswide educational and brainstorming sessions during the week of December 15th. These forums will be a chance for students, faculty, and staff to come together and think creatively about the future of higher education.

Date Time Location
Monday, Dec. 15 4:30–5:30 p.m. Room 109, Union South
Tuesday, Dec. 16
noon-1 p.m.
On Wisconsin Room, Red Gym
Friday, Dec. 19
2:30–3:30 p.m.
F.B. Power Commons, Rennebohm Hall

Dear Students,

You are cordially invited to attend any of three forums or brainstorming sessions I have organized for next week. They are designed to allow faculty, staff, and students to think about opportunities to change how we do some of what we do. The economic circumstances dictate that we think imaginatively about how to move forward. The sessions are not intended to be debates or discussions about budget woes, but genuine brainstorming opportunities to see whether we can become more effective and efficient in any number of ways. I am writing to you directly because I know that these sessions are scheduled at times that will be very difficult for you. Next week is exam week. I hope that the three different times might allow you to attend one of the sessions when you are not in exams, but I also know you will need to study in between exams and will probably be exhausted when they are over. I apologize for having scheduled these meetings at a time that is difficult for you. It turned out to be the only week when I had time on my calendar. In order to ensure that you can take part in these kinds of discussions, I will also organize one for the beginning of next semester as well and will inform you in advance of the date, time, and location. I hope to see many of you this next week and many more of you at the beginning of Spring semester.

Good luck with your exams! Have a wonderful holiday season and a good break!

Biddy Martin

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