Labor Licensing Policy Committee

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Committee Description: Evaluates labor policies, standards and practices developed by the Collegiate Licensing Company and reports the committee’s assessments and recommendations to the chancellor pertaining to the university’s labor code of conduct and riders; develops, evaluates and recommends to the chancellor assessments of whether manufacturers of UW-Madison licensed products are compliant with the university’s labor code of conduct courses of action if manufacturers are noncompliant; monitors and reviews the university’s labor code of conduct and riders and the implementation of such policies, including:

Number of Student Seats: 3

2016-17 student appointees: Three openings available

2015-16 student appointees: Luke Gangler, Kale Engelkemier, Gen Carter

Committee Chair: John Ahlquist

What former student reps have said:

The topics of discussion are University licensing generally looking at concerns over labor conditions of producers of UW licensed garments