L&S Curriculum Committee

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Committee Description: Advises the Dean on the integrity of the undergraduate degree requirements, major requirements, and special programs with an emphasis on safeguarding the principles of a liberal arts degree program. The Committee reviews all proposals to add, change or delete L&S courses. The Committee also reviews (on request) courses offered by other Schools and Colleges in order to assign breadth indicators, and to consider eligibility as Liberal Arts and Science courses.  The Committee also reviews proposals to change undergraduate major requirements (including requirements for admission to the major) for all L&S degree and certificate programs. In considering these proposals, the Committee serves as a consultant to departments and programs, often providing a broader perspective on the ways in which an individual program fits into the larger goals of the college. Students who have served on this committee have often provided important feedback about the potential impact of proposed changes.Finally, the L&S Curriculum Committee serves as the primary vehicle for the consideration of new curricular initiatives such as Freshman Seminars, and advising the Dean and L&S Student Academic Affairs on the interpretation of L&S curricular policy as the need arises.

Number of Student Seats: 2

2016-17 student appointees: Justin Skiba, and one opening available

2015-16 student appointees: Madeline Krahn, Samantha Stowers

Committee Chair: klcornelius@ls.wisc.edu

Meeting Dates/Times: TBA