ASM Grant Overview 

In state law since 1974, students at University Wisconsin System institutions have had the legal right to allocate the portion of their own fees that go toward student activities and non-mandatory services. Every UW campus has a student controlled shared governance committee that is charged with carrying out this responsibility.

At UW–Madison, the ASM Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC) has control over large budgets and funding support. Smaller funding support for RSOs, such as operations, events, and travel, are allocated by the ASM Grant Allocation Committee (GAC).

All grant and budget decisions made by the SSFC and the GAC are made in a viewpoint neutral manner, as required by the United States Supreme Court. More information on viewpoint neutrality can be found here.


SSFC General Student Services Fund (GSSF)

For RSOs needing long term programing support of over $20,000 a year.

The General Student Services Fund (GSSF) enables eligible student organizations to have a comprehensive budget of at least $20,000 to cover expenditures for student staff, full-time staff, and general programming.

Eligibility is based on criteria established in the ASM Bylaws, which cannot be based on the views an organization holds or expresses.

The Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC) is charged with determining whether groups are eligible for GSSF funding and reviewing individual budgets of student organizations that are part of the GSSF.

SSFC Chair

The SSFC Chair can answer additional questions on the General Student Service Fund or on the use of segregated fees at UW-Madison.

Contact SSFC Chair Pasbrig at:

SSFC Funding Advisor

The SSFC Funding Advisor, Katie Steigleder, can answer any questions you may have on SSFC, the GSSF, or general ASM grant funding questions.

Contact Katie at

ASM Grant Allocation Committee

For RSOs needing short term operational, event, or travel support.

The Grant Allocation Committee is responsible for awarding grants to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) for operations, events, and travel.

Each year, the total funding available for each type of grant is jointly determined by the Student Council and the Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC). 

Any RSO in good standing with the Center for Leadership Involvement (CfLI) is eligible to apply for the ASM GAC grants.

Looking to apply? Find the grant that best fits your needs below. 

GAC Chair

The GAC Chair can answer additional questions on the Grant Allocation Committee and the allocation of ASM Event, Travel, Operations, or Open Fund Grants.

Contact the GAC Chair Bosma at:

ASM Finance Staff

The ASM Finance Staff (Maddy and Ray) can answer any questions you may have on the GAC Grants or general ASM grant funding questions.

Contact ASM Finance Staff at

Event Grant

Supports on-campus RSO events that are educational, free and open to all UW-Madison students.

Travel Grant

Supports RSO travel to places that serve to further the mission of the RSO and bring information back to UW-Madison

Operations Grant

Provide major funding for year-long routine operational and recruitment expenses of student organizations.

Open Fund Grant

Provide small amounts of grant funding from ASM for routine operational and recruiting purposes. 

Want to Talk to Someone Directly?

Call the ASM offices at (608) 265-4276 or contact us individually