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Timeline for Fall 2017 Elections:

  • Monday, September 11, 9:00am – Monday, September 25, noon: An online Candidate Declaration Form will be available to fill out for all students interested in running for open Student Council seats.
  • Friday, September 22, noon: All petitions for referenda, initiatives and recalls must be turned in to the ASM office (Rm 4301, Student Activity Center)
  • Thursday,  September 28, 7:00pm: Candidates and sponsors of initiative, recall, or referenda must attend a mandatory information session (Caucus Room, 4th floor of Student Activity Center – SAC)
  • October 16, 8:00am – October 18, 5:00pm: Online ASM elections
  • October 18, 9:00pm, SEC Press Conference and announcement of preliminary election results (Caucus Room, 4th floor of Student Activity Center – SAC)

Fall 2017 Election Rules

Student Election Commission Rules of Procedure



RSO Permission Form

Campaign Violation Complaint Form

Response to Campaign Violation Complaint Form


About the Elections

Every student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is eligible to vote for Student Council Representatives for their school or college as well as members of the Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC). Students interested in running for a position can contact the Chair of the Student Elections Commission, Kate Wehrman, for information on candidacy declaration forms.

Student Election Commission

The Student Election Commission (SEC) is a subcommittee of the Student Judiciary that plans and executes the election. It is comprised of a Chair and Vice-Chair from the Student Judiciary and a number of hired commissioners who work on many different aspects of the election ranging from design & advertising to dorm outreach. The SEC welcomes any student interested in improving student voter turnout!

Contact the SEC Chair, Kate Wehrman:

Fall Elections

  • Freshman elections: In the fall, only students who are registered and classified as First Year Students with the University Registrar are eligible to run for and vote for the four Freshman Student Council seats.


Spring Elections

  • Student Council elections: Each Spring, students from different colleges run to be elected to the ASM Student Council. Twenty-nine of the thirty-three council representatives are elected in the Spring: 1 business, 2 CALS/Veterinary Medicine, 1 Education, 2 Engineering, 6 Graduate, 2 School of Human Ecology/Pharmacy, 12 Letters and Sciences, 1 Law, 1 Medicine, 1 Special Student.
  • SSFC elections: There are generally two to three openings on SSFC that are elected during the Spring.


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