Shared Governance Committee Recruitment

Current Appointment Timeline

Rolling applications have currently resumed. Application instructions are available in the FAQs below, and on our Master List.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Students, Committee Chairs, and Individuals Looking to Create A Committee

For Students

  • How do I apply for an open seat?

If the Shared Governance Master List shows committee openings, and you meet the minimum criteria, you can apply by filling out a Shared Governance Application. The Application will be available here when finalized, on ASM’s Facebook Page, via email to current Shared Governance student appointees, and shared via email to Shared Governance Chairs.

  • What does the application ask?

The application changes from semester to semester, but typically asks questions such as:

  1. Identifying information: name, year, campus affiliation, and current resume.
  2. Interest: Committee you’re applying for.
  3. Fit: Why you’d be a good fit for this committee.
  4. Benefit: What goals you have for this committee, and why you’d be an asset to the committee.
  • How can I learn more about the committee before I apply?

Information about each committees is kept in different places based on who organizes the committee.

  1. All committees have a brief description, all openings information, members, and chairs.
  2. Some committees have additional information on the ASM Shared Governance Committee Directory.
  3. Committees organized by the Secretary of the Faculty (marked by an astericks on both the Shared Governance Master List and the Committee Directory) have notes available.
  • What makes a strong application?

The best applications make reference to the reason they want to sit on their specific committee, are well-written, and show thoughtful reflection on what an individual can bring to the group.

  • There is no application available. Can I still apply?

There are two reasons applications are not available:

  1. It is not a recruitment season (early fall semester, early spring semester, or late spring semester)
  2. All seats are filled.

If it is not recruitment season, application instructions on the Shared Governance Master List will tell you how to apply. Off-season recruitment happens will there were not enough applications to fill all available seats. In this case, ad-hoc applications can be sent to To apply in the off-season, email:

  1. Name, year, major;
  2. Committee you are applying for;
  3. A brief paragraph on why you are interested in serving on this committee;
  4. A brief paragraph on how you will benefit the work of this committee
  5. A current resume.

If all seats are filled, the Shared Governance Master List will tell you that you we are not currently recruiting to fill that position.  In this case, your application will not be accepted.

  • I was appointed in the fall. Do I have to reapply for spring?

Fall appointments automatically continue until the spring–there is no reappointment process. If you need to give up your seat, please communicate your expected absence to the Shared Governance PA at

  • I was appointed in the Spring. Do I have to reapply for summer?

If you held your committee position in the spring, you may sit through the summer without reapplying. However, to continue into the fall, you must fill out the reappointment paperwork by the communicated deadline.  If you were appointed in the fall and continued into the spring, you may also continue into the summer without applying.

  • I’m not able to continue my appointment through the summer. Do I have to give up my seat?

You do not have to give up your seat because you cannot sit in the summer session. However, if you also do not intend to sit in the fall, please communicate your intended absence to the Shared Governance PA at so your seat can be filled, and the new appointee may potentially sit through the summer.

  • What is the reappointment process?

Currently seated students are given first priority to continue in their appointed seat as long as they are otherwise in good standing.  To retain their seat, a student must simply complete the Shared Gov student form sent to students stating their intention to continue on the same committee. If students are unable to continue to sit (time conflicts, study abroad, etc) their seat will open for the fall, and other students will apply to fill it.

  • Where is the reappointment paperwork?

Reappointments are currently closed. Paperwork will be emailed Spring 2018 for Fall 2018, and will also be made available online.

  • What happens if a student is interested in continuing, but does not fill out their reappointment paperwork by the deadline?

Students must complete their paperwork by the deadline. Failure to complete the reappointment paperwork means the student must apply for the open vacancy, and compete against any other student applicants.


For Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs and Administrators are invited to explore the resources contained in the 2017/2018 ASM Shared Governance Informational Handout. 

It contains information on Shared Governance, as well as student recruitment and participation. Click on the report to learn more.


  • Am I able to sit in on interviews?

Interviews will be held when there are multiple strong applications for a single seat. Interview times will be set according to the Shared Gov Chair, PA, and Campaigns Chair’s availability. Individuals interested in sitting in on these interviews will be welcome as long as it aligns with student applicant and Shared Gov availability.

  • I know a student who would be an asset to my committee. Can I recommend them?

All students must apply for open seats. However, many students are not aware of the Shared Governance process, and would benefit from receiving information about your committee, the application process, and timeline. It is appropriate to send an email to a student with a link to the application, and encourage them to apply. However, the student must still apply and be selected through the appointment process to be formally seated.

  • Can I advertise for my committee’s open seat?

Yes! You may hang flyers, send emails to students, and take other measures to recruit high-quality applicants. Some committees consistently advertise, and therefore see a greater number of high-quality applicants than others. We highly encourage your committee to generate interest in Fall openings. A customizable flyer is attached to emails distributed to Chairs at all recruitment sessions.

  • My committee is currently full. Are you still looking for more students to apply?

We will have more exact numbers after the reappointment process, and share those numbers with you at that time. However, you should be able to gauge how many seats you have to fill if you know whether your students intend to continue in their appointment the following year or not.

For Individuals Looking To Create A Shared Governance Committee

  • I’m creating a committee. How do I get students involved?

If you are creating a committee, you are required to involve students. ASM’s Shared Governance does most of the work. First, write to the Shared Governance Chair at In your email:

  1. Include any charging documents, memos describing the purpose of the committee and time commitment, and any other documents that may be useful in recruiting students.
  2. Describe the committee in the same language you’d like messaged to student applicants.
  3. Describe the time of day/location/frequency of meetings
  4. Describe the type of student you are looking for (undergrad vs. graduate, member of a particular college, etc)
  5. Describe the length of the committee appointment. Is this ongoing, or will it terminate at the end of the year?
  6. Name the committee chair, and provide their email. Are there any support staff that will be coordinating interviews? Who should the Shared Gov Chair reply to with appointment decisions?
  7. Create your timeline. It takes time to recruit students, especially in off-season recruitment (non-fall/spring large recruitment) or over the summer. Please provide at least two (2) weeks notice, and preferably three to four (3-4) weeks notice.
  • What if I don’t know all the information in the list above?

The more information you can provide, the better the chances that the student appointee will have an interest and availability at the times your committee meets. If you aren’t sure, please tell us what you do know, and don’t know. This will help eliminate unnecessary emails.

  • When will I hear back with appointments for my new committee?

This depends on the timeline you’ve set, the time of year (off-season or regular recruitment season), as well as student interest in your committee. Some committees will fill very quickly, and others will not. The more information you can provide, and the more student interest you can yourself generate, the better your chances of filling student seats.