Faculty Information

Program Requirements
ASM Interns complete 9-12 hours of work per week for 3 credits of independent study with a faculty member. Those 9-12 hours of work include:

  • Three office hours per week
  • Regular attendance at weekly intern class
  • Weekly meetings with their Campaign or Committee
  • Weekly meetings with the Intern Coordinator (another student and former intern who can provide guidance)
  • Attendance at the Intern Retreat at the beginning of the semester
  • Creating a semester plan and other homework assignments

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Complete paperwork necessary for the student to register for credit
  • Assign a final grade for the intern at the end of the semester*
  • Faculty may assign additional assessment requirements at the beginning of the semester. Often faculty assign a final paper, a weekly journal, or regular meetings with the faculty sponsor.
  • Provide any needed assistance or referrals.

* ASM Staff will send a letter at the end of the semester to the faculty sponsor detailing the intern’s work and recommending a letter grade. This grade is based on the Intern Coordinator’s assessment. Contact Kelly Krein ekkrein@wisc.edu for a copy of the Syllabus for Intern Class or for the ASM Intern Grading Criteria.