Spring 2020 ASM Events

To be informed of future ASM meetings, please check the weekly media bulletin on the ASM KnowledgeBase page: kb.wisc.edu/asm.

First Meeting of SSFC

This is the meeting when the 26th Session Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC) leadership (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary) is determined. For more information, go to: https://go.wisc.edu/ssfcmeetings

Second Meeting of 26th Session of Student Council

This is the meeting when 26th Session Student Council elects the remainder of its leadership: Sustainability Chair, Student Activity Center (SAC) Governing Board Chair, and Grant Allocation Committee Chair. For information on ASM Student Council, go to:...

First Student Council Meeting of the 26th Session

The ASM Constitution sets the first meeting of the new session of ASM on April 24. This is the meeting when 26th Session Student Council leadership (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary) and committee leadership is determined. Student Council representatives also are...