End Violence on Campus (EVOC)

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Committee Description: The End Violence on Campus Coordinating Council (EVOC CC) serves as UW-Madison’s committee on gender based violence.    Members provide support and multidisciplinary feedback to staff members, campus units, and community offices in an effort to better address sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking against students at UW-Madison To understand relevant laws and reporting expectations for UW-Madison, including participation in the Annual Fire Safety and Security Report, (Clery/VAWA) the annual UW system report on sexual assault, and Title IX; work to strengthen campus procedures, practices, and polices about sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking; support victim-centered and offender focused procedures; work to create a campus that does not tolerate sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and/or sexual harassment; and supports the offices designated to coordinate the recommendations from the 2015 AAU Climate Survey and the 2015 Culture of Respect self-assessment reports.

Number of Student Seats: 5

2016-17 student appointees: Kathryn Haznaw & one opening available
2015-2016 student appointees: Adema Tomsejova, Lauren Biro

Committee Chair: Carmen Hotvedt & David Blom


Meeting Dates/Times: 2nd Wednesday of each Month, 1-3pm