Student Employment at ASM

New Employees with ASM

If you are planning to work for a GSSF group, Bus Pass, StudentPrint, the SAC, SSFC, SJ or ASM Internal (all of which are referred to as “ASM” for employment purposes), please be sure you have filled out your hiring paperwork before starting work. Below are the required hiring paperwork “packets” based on your work history at the University of Wisconsin (UW) System. 

Never worked at UW before?

Welcome! As a new employee with the UW and ASM, there are four documents required for hire. Please click above for the documents. Once documentation is turned in, you will recieve a link to your electronic I-9 via your email. This I-9 must be completed as soon as you recieve it – you will not be hired until the I-9 is complete.  If you hold an F-1 or J-1 Visa, please contact ASM directly (contact info below). 

Have worked for UW in the past?

If you have worked with the UW in the past 6 months, there are only two documents required for hire. Please click above for the documents. If you have worked at UW 6+ months ago, you will need to fill out all the forms required of those who have “Never worked at UW before”.

Current Employees with ASM

If you already work for a GSSF group, Bus Pass, StudentPrint, the SAC, SSFC, SJ or ASM Internal  (all of which are referred to as “ASM” for employment purposes) and need to make changes to your current hiring appointment, please use the links below to complete the required documentation.

Employed with ASM and changing your position title or pay?

There is only one form required to change a position title or pay rate within your organization. If both a position change and pay rate change are occuring at the same time, please check both boxes on a single form indicating those changes. Please click above for the form.

Leaving your position with ASM?

If you are graduating or leaving your current position in ASM, let us know! It is important that we terminate your position with your organization when you are no longer working. There is only one form required to terminate your position. Please click above for the form. 

Employment Resources

Below are employment resources for all those working for organizations under ASM.  These are especially important tools for Supervisors working within each hiring organization. 

Individual Hiring Forms

The ad-hoc payroll forms listed to the right are here as a resource. If you or your employee needs to update their Direct Deposit Information or change their W4, the forms to the right will help.  

Student Employee Information Form

This form is used every time there is a change in an ASM student employee’s status (Pay change, position change, new hire, termination, etc..). Click here for the form. 

List of Accepted IDs for the Federal I-9

The I-9 form is completed electronically. You recieve an email from the UW with the form link once you turn in all your other hiring forms and the hard copy of your IDs for the Federal I-9. Click here for the list of appropriate IDs.

Direct Deposit Form

This form is required to be filled out by all new hires. If you or your employee need to make changes to their direct deposit (DD) information, they can fill out a new DD form at any point. Click here for the DD form.  

W4 Form

The W4 is a tax form that states your federal and state tax status. If you or your employee need to make changes to their W4 form, they can do so at any point by filling out a new W4 form. Click here for the W4 Form.


As an employee, you have many supporting staff, the primary being your organizational supervisor! Connect with your supervisor with any immediate concerns. 

If there is something your supervisor cannot help with, please contact the ASM offices directly.