Student Advisory Board for the Dean of Students

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Committee Description: Acts as a forum for ideas for strengthening student programs and student life in general.

Number of Student Seats: Variable

2016-17 student appointees: Crystal Stonewall, Henry Galles, Jonny Vannucci, Ruben Moreno, Charlie Thao, Marta Sendun, Matt Austin, Sowmya Acharya, Ella Knudsen, Sara Paris, Maryam Muhammad, Liz Willer, Colin McReavy, Trevor Knapp, Kate Wiedel, Noah Meester, Vaikunth Seshadri

2015-2016 student appointees: Sam Park, Elizabeth Willer, Allison Ebben, Jade Hall, Ella Knudson, Joshua Kasuboski, Christopher Yue, Caroline Zellmer, Ryan Prestil, Katherine Hayden, Colin McReavy, Lindsay Johnson, Khalid Abdl-Haleem, Jiance Xiao, Neil Kline, Trevor Knapp, Vanessa Studer, Elizabeth Drucker, Samantha Gottstein, Sarah Scheur, Noah Meester, Kate Wiedel, Sara Paris, Arahsjot Kaur, Myrna Agnieszka, Maryam Muhammad, Elizabeth Smalley, Caitlin Gronski

Committee Chair: TBD

What Previous Student Reps have said:

I have a strong mental health advocacy background with my involvement with a student organization, so they look to me for input on what student’s think about the mental health services offered here at the UW and how to improve them. I am also learning a huge amount of valuable information of topics that I don’t study or advocate for. I love learning how the university works and what they are doing to prevent problems.****Sitting on this committee helped me understand the inner working of the university by illustrating that all concerns whether directly or indirectly related to campus must go through the Dean of Students. Sitting on this committee and hearing these concerns tie into my interests because as a student I am experiencing the same problems and can come up with valuable solutions to help campus climate.