Student Advisory Board for the Dean of the School of Education

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Committee Description: Board members would broadly represent the School’s academic programs and student groups; advise the Dean on various questions and issues; offer feedback on general student concerns; and represent the School administration to ASM and the School of Education student body.

Number of Student Seats: 15

2016-17 student appointees: Crystal Stonewall, Brett Nachman, Na Lor, Kelsey Anderson, Sally Wu, Lauren Manier, Rebecca Landon, Sean Owczarek, Kelly Zimmermann, Allison Ebben

2015-2016 student appointeesJosh Choe, Kelly Zimmerman, Katherine Hayden, Ashley Gaskew, Allison Giebel, Sean Owczarek, Daniel Corral, Stephanie Shedrow, Halle Kuksich, Mengjia Song, Kathryn Boonstra, Lane Ehlman, Ruby Kuetzer, Mark Turner

Committee Chair: Jeff Hamm

What former student reps have said:

This committee is fairly relaxed, we only meet once a month. During our meetings, the Dean of the School of Ed usually asks us how things are going and we discuss our issues in the School of Ed and discuss ways to improve classes, professors, etc. Overall, it is really a fun committee because there are undergrads, grads, and doctoral students, so you get to hear about issues on multiple levels.***** The new dean is still figuring out how she wants to use the committee. Monthly meetings are usually on Friday evenings and involve free dinner. She has been soliciting our feedback on potential changes and blindspots in the school.