Council on Academic Advising

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Committee Description: Play a leadership role in University efforts to provide the best possible academic advising to UW-Madison students; Serve as an information-gathering, communications and coordination center for advising efforts and issues across the university to help foster cooperation and coherence, including sharing best practices; Assess the academic advising needs of the diverse population of UW-Madison students and the success of our advising system in satisfying those needs; Make recommendations for improvements in advising practices and systems; Assess and make recommendations regarding support and resources that would enhance the ability of academic staff and faculty involved in academic advising to be effective; examples include technology systems and professional development and recognition; Regularly advise the Provost on matters regarding academic advising.

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Number of Student Seats: 2

2016-17 student appointees: Fatima Sartbay, Yien Xu

2015-16 student appointeesMadeline Krahn, Chia Vang

Committee Chair: Wren Singer

What former representatives have said:
This gave me the opportunity to connect with administrators & faculty that I would otherwise never interact with. Over the years I have had meaningful conversations and it was an experience that truly shaped my time at Madison.