Campus Safety

CAMPUS SAFETY UPDATE: the new Neighborhood – Watch – Program!

WHO: ASM’s Campus Relations Committee and  its Campus Safety Campaign!

WHAT: The Neighborhood Watch Program’s goal is to have student presence on and around campus during the later hours of the night.

WHY: Students voiced their opinions this semester by saying that they would like more people out on the streets later at night that were not necessarily police officers.

WHERE:  Student groups will be walking the neighborhoods of Regent, Spring, Campus Village, West Washington and

Mifflin Street

WHEN: Our pilot program will be kicked off on April 20th, 2007 and will run every Friday and Saturday for 3 weeks. Next year, we hope to propel the pilot program into a full-scale and successful program!

HOW: With the help of volunteers like you! Please sign up to volunteer for the Neighborhood Watch Program! You can walk with your friends or meet new people while working to build a safer campus! Sign up from or on Friday or Saturday…at