Campus Reaccreditation Project – deadline 5:00pm, Sept. 14

ASM Shared Governance is looking for seven or eight students to assist with the campus Reaccreditation project (see: for more information)

These committee assignments are perfect for undergraduate or graduate students who are interested in higher education and learning more about how the university is organized.  They are also good opportunities for students to engage in conversations with faculty and staff members about issue that will face the campus in the future. 
The Reaccreditation project has available positions on seven committees:
1. The Steering Committee – the advisory committee for the entire project.
2. Rethinking the Public Research University
3. Integrating the Processes of Discovery and Learning
4. Creating an Impact and Shaping the Global Agenda
5. Preparing Global Citizens and Leaders of the Future
6. Building a Welcoming, Respectful and Empowered UW-Madison Community
7. Institutional Integrity: Being a Responsible and Sustainable Public Institution

These committees will meet frequently.

More detailed information about the issues that each committee will exp;ore can be found on the Reaccreditation website, at:

If you are interested in serving in any capacity with this project, send the following information to Jeff Wright and Shared Governance  by 5:00pm Friday, Sept. 14.
1. Your Phone Number
2. Your Year and Program
3. A few sentences describing your interest in the committee.

Please email Shared Governance if you have any questions.