Campus Diversity and Climate Committee

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Committee Description: This shared governance body advises the administration, the faculty, the academic staff, the classified staff, and the recognized student governance organization on campus diversity and climate policy, which strives to create an environment where each individual feels respected, valued and supported, while respecting academic freedom and freedom of speech. 1. Provides for faculty, staff and student participation in long-range planning. 2. Meets twice annually with the chancellor and provost to discuss policy and progress. 3. Hears reports from groups, units, programs and administrators. 4. Holds the annual campus-wide policy and progress forum. 5. Assists the administration in the preparation of annual reports to the UW System, Faculty Senate, Academic Staff Assembly, classified staff shared governance, represented labor groups, and student governance body. 6. Meets periodically with deans and directors to discuss policy and progress. 7. Collaborates with other groups, programs and units on matters of diversity and climate. 8. Makes policy recommendations.

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Number of Student Seats: 4

2016-17 student appointees: Rachel Haynes, Na Lor, Betty Nen, and Yusra Murad

2015-16 student appointees: Huong Tran, Alexandra Young, Jeung Bok Homquist, Alexandra Chesney

Committee Chair: Ozzyie Chen, Linda Oakley

What Committee members say:

It is very difficult for people to participate before they have attended several meetings, although sometimes students have some specific issue they are prepared to address. New members in all classifications find it difficult to participate, but the students change so often that they seem particularly disadvantaged. —-Prefer 2 year commitments