Committees and Boards


There are three categories of ASM Committees & Boards:

Open Committee/Board

Any UW-Madison student can join an open committee to get involved with ASM. Visit the committee pages below to learn about the work they do, when they meet, and how you can get involved:

Closed Committee/Board

The ASM Nominations Board interviews and hires students to fill a variety of seats on Student Council committees. A student must be appointed to serve on a closed committee in order to participate in discussion and decision-making. Generally these seats are filled in the spring of each year. These committees & boards include:

Shared Governance Committee

The ASM Shared Governance Committee appoints students to serve on university committees across campus that make decisions that impact student life, activities, and interests. Anyone can be a member and attend meetings if they are interested in discussing student issues or the operations of the university. The core of the committee is made up of approximately 150 students who are appointed to over 70 different university standing committees annually.

Contact Us

If you’d like to find out more information about getting involved with ASM, you can submit a Volunteer Interest Form or contact the Outreach Director: