Access and Accommodations in Instruction

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Committee Description: Monitor university compliance with state and federal mandates to assure that the mechanisms chosen to implement law be responsive to the needs of students with disabilities, consistent with the overall educational goals of the university, and reasonable and practical in the context of the resources available.

Number of Student Seats: 2

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2016-17 student appointees: Janelle Ramsel, Lauren Hoover

2015-16 student appointees: Sarah Laudon, Raja Timihiri

Committee contact: Morton Ann Gernsbacher

What former student representatives have said: I have been on this committee for two years now and have loved it. It is a very low-key group but I have learned a lot and the people that attend the meetings are some of the nicest you will encounter on campus. I would encourage future committee members to reach out and form relationships with the people on the committee. I haven’t as much as I wish I could (my schedule has been insane this year) but it is such an encouraging and fun group to be part of.