Distribution of Segregated Fees

The following document provides a detailed breakdown of segregated fee costs and trends over the last three years:

Segregated Fee Breakdown

Each component of the Segregated Fee receives a formal budget hearing before the Student Services Finance Committee. SSFC is a committee made up of UW Students whose task is to allocate segregated fees in consultation with the Chancellor. Although SSFC is the primary decision-maker regarding segregated fees, the committee’s proposals are confirmed by ASM’s Student Council before being sent first to the UW-Madison Chancellor and finally to the UW-System Board of Regents.

The Board of Regents defines some fees as “allocable,” giving primary authority to SSFC, and other fees as “non-allocable,” giving primary authority to the Chancellor. For more on the allocable/non-allocable distinction, see UW System Administrative Policy 820, Segregated University Fees

The decisions made by the SSFC directly determine how much each student will pay in segregated fees each year. It is UW Students’ right and obligation to oversee the distribution of segregated fees. For more information on student authority over segregated fees, see Regent Policy 30-5