24th Session Student Council Representatives

ASM Student Council, 24th Session, 2017-2018

Student Council Chair: Katrina Morrison

Student Council Vice Chair: Billy Welsh

Student Council Secretary: Jordan Pasbrig

CALS, Veterinary Medicine

Alexa Bertz
Alexandra Hader


Jeremy Swanson


School of Education
Jesús Galvan


vacancies (2)


Gordon Kochman


School of Human Ecology/Nursing/Pharmacy
Julia Warheit
Zeal Zhao


Medicine and Public Health
vacancy (1)


Special Student
vacancy (1)


Letters and Science
Adam Fearing
Billy Welsh
Diego Villegas
Dylan Resch
Ekenedilichukwu Ikegwuani
Ethan Carpenter
Evan Pelke
Jordan Pasbrig
Kaiyang Chen
Katrina Morrison
Maggie Nead
Matthew Carpenter


Alexandra Little
Ashtin Massie
Cullen Vens
Ola Oladipo
vacancies (2)


Celia Myers
Iris Huang
Jack Madison
vacancy (1)


Committee & Board Leadership
The leaders of the committees and boards are all members of ASM Coordinating Council, which is responsible for the coordination of the activities of ASM.

Equity & Inclusion Committee Chair: Alexandra Hader
Grant Allocation Committee Chair: Rachel Widra
Legislative Affairs Chair: Sydney Scott
Nominations Board Chair: Evan Pelke
Press Office Director: Courtney Morrison
Outreach Director: Yogev Ben-Yitschak
Shared Governance Chair: Deena Whitwam
Shared Governance Campaign Director: Jacqueline Beaulieu
SAC Governing Board Chair: Nick Hall
Student Election Commission Chair: Kate Wehrman
Student Judiciary Chief Justice: William Olson
Student Services Finance Committee Chair: Jordan Gaal
Sustainability Committee Chair: Leah Johnson
Vote Coordinator: Beth Alleman


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