18th Session Student Council Representatives

ASM Student Council, 18th Session, 2011-2012


Student Council Chair: Allie Gardner

Student Council Vice Chair: Andrew Bulovsky

Student Council Secretary: Clay Thomas

CALS, Veterinary Medicine

Clay Thomas




Boan Sianipar



Natalie Hinahara


Mudit Kackar

Richard Rolland



Cale Plamann


School of Human Ecology/Nursing/Pharmacy

Dan Posca

Kelli Kruschke


Medicine and Public Health

Justin Gerstner


Special Student



Letters and Science

Allie Gardner

Tom Sannito

Tia Nowack

Olivia Wick-Bander

Tom Templeton

Leland Pan

Hannah Somers

Andrew Bulovsky

Chan Kim

Jacob Miller

Patrick Piazze-McMahon




Zachary DeQuattro

Karen Scott

Thom Duncan

Nancy Rydberg

Ziqi Dai

Kevin Walters



Mia Akers

Devon Maier

Maria Giannopolous

Colin Higgins


Committee & Board Leadership

Chief of Staff: David Gardner

Diversity Committee Chair:Niko Magallon

Finance Committee Chair: Kara Coates

Legislative Affairs Chair: Hannah Somers

Nominations Board Chair: Zach DeQuatrro

Press Office Director: Ade Afolayan

Rules Committee Chair: Tia Nowack

Shared Governance Chair: Beth Huang

SAC Governing Board Chair: Brianna Barth

Student Election Commission Chair: Mickey Stevens

Student Judiciary Chief Justice: Kathryn Fifield

Student Services Finance Committee Chair: Sarah Neibart

University Affairs Chair: Sade Johnson



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