Travel Grants

The ASM Travel Grant application has closed for the 2016/2017 academic year


Recognizing that Student Organizations play an important role in the campus community and in the education of UW-Madison students, ASM has established the Travel Grant Fund. Traveling to conferences, trainings, competitions and other off-campus events helps to train student leaders and enriches the resources available to Student Organizations. The ASM Travel Grant Fund allows RSOs to travel to places and events that serve to further the goals of the groups.

Attending the trip should benefit the campus beyond the immediate traveler(s) by bringing back some variety of information or service to the UW-Madison campus.

ASM policy changes for 2016/2017 Academic School year include the following

Any travel in which UW-Madison RSO’s are the sole or primary participants is prohibited

RSO must control and take full responsibility for use of ASM grant

RSO’s are limited to one ASM travel grant per fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th)

RSO’s undergoing volunteer and service work must complete a certification process

RSO’s are limited to one budget transfer per grant

Before you apply, please review the following:


Key ASM and University Policies and Procedures  

  • ASM Policies and Procedures
  • Travel Grant Flowchart
  • Specific policies related to lodging:
    • There is a lodging maximum the ASM can pay when using travel grant funds. To calculate the lodging maximum, please use the lodging calculator
  • Specific policies related to travel:
    • Any ground travel (fleet, rental car, or personal vehicle) requires the driver to be an authorized driver with UW Risk Management. RSO’s cannot be reimbursed for travel unless they are authorized. Please also note that ASM cannot reimburse for any travel costs (ex. Car rental) bought online through Orbitz.
    • Any airfare purchased must be purchased through FOX world travel. ASM cannot reimburse for any flights purchased through any other vender other than FOX
    • Lodging must be booked directly through the hotel (no third parities-,, etc..).
    • ASM cannot fund trips that have occurred prior to your travel being approved by the Grant Allocation Committee

General Application Restrictions:

  • Requested grant amounts cannot exceed $3000 (or $500/person if less than 6 people traveling)
  • The grant application must be submitted at least SIX weeks before travel
  • RSO’s are limited to one ASM travel grant per fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th)
  • RSO’s cannot be the sole or primary participants traveling
  • A valid “” email must be used in the application for both the primary and secondary contact. Failure to do so shall nullify the application
  • The grant application site will time out after 10 minutes, so use Word to compose your justifications prior to initiating your application

After Submitting your Grant:

  • Review the Travel Grant Flowchart.
  • After submission, the Grant Allocation Committee Chair will review your application and decide on the eligibility of granting a hearing. You can check the approximate date of your grant hearing here. This list is only an approximate hearing schedule. An email will be sent to the two main contacts on the travel application with the official date and time about a week before the hearing date.
  • After being heard, an award notice will be sent via email to the two main grant contacts. The award notice email will provide information on important next steps, including scheduling a required meeting with an ASM Financial Specialist to access your grant funds. Failure to meet with an ASM Financial Specialist at least 3 days prior to travel will result in the inability to access funding. Organizations receiving grant funds MUST meet with an ASM Financial Specialist within 60 days of receiving their grant or they will forfeit all grant money.
  • All documents necessary for reimbursement MUST be submitted to an ASM Financial Specialist within 30 days from returning of travel. Failure to do so will result in loss of grant funds and your RSO will be responsible for payments.
  • IMPORTANT: if you are requesting reimbursement and have a 30 day extension, please note that ASM cannot process any reimbursement after 75 days from the date of travel! There are no exceptions to this deadline.

**Reminder: ASM cannot reimburse any travel costs incurred before your travel grant has been awarded AND before you have meet with an ASM financial specialist.**

Important Grant Forms and Information:



Please direct any further grant application or procedural questions to the ASM Grant Allocation Committee Chair ( or the ASM Finance Staff (


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