Upcoming Events

Sustainability Committee
Wed Apr 16 @ 5:30PM - 06:30PM

Meetings take place weekly in room 3161 of the SAC.

Diversity Committee
Thu Apr 17 @ 5:30PM - 06:30PM

Come to our weekly meetings in room 3118 of the SAC.

Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC)
Thu Apr 17 @ 6:30PM

SSFC meetings are on Monday and Thursday evenings in the Hearing Room, 4th Floor, SAC.

Press Office Board
Mon Apr 21 @ 5:00PM - 06:30PM

Come to our weekly meetings in room 3161 of the SAC.

Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC)
Mon Apr 21 @ 6:30PM

SSFC meetings are on Monday and Thursday evenings in the Hearing Room, 4th Floor, SAC.

Legislative Affairs Committee
Mon Apr 21 @ 7:00PM - 09:00PM

Meetings take place in the Caucus Room, 4th floor, SAC.


Distribution of Segregated Fees

How are the segregated fees of UW students distributed? Via specific pots of money:

  • GSSF The General Student Services Fund is the pot of money that goes directly to student organizations that provide services to students on campus. These budgets tend to be large, as they are designed to support a years worth of services and programming. In order for a student organization to receive GSSF dollars they must meet all of the eligibility criteria as determined by the SSFC.

  • Allocable Funds Allocable funds refer to the budgets that are directly controlled by students. This includes the GSSF, the ASM internal budget, the ASM Bus Pass budget, WSUM Student Radio, and the Student Activity Center operating budget.

  • Non-Allocable Funds Non-Allocable funds refer to budgets that are part of departments on campus that support non-academic student activities and well-being, including University Health Services, Recreation Sports and the Unions. These budgets are prepared by the departments and presented to the SSFC for review and recommendation.

  • Building Projects Building projects refer to construction projects on campus that have been approved by a student referenda vote. Students will pay the costs for construction of a new building over a set period of time, from 10-30 years. Examples of building projects supported by segregated fees are the Student Activity Center/University Health Services building and Union South.

  • Board of Regents The University of Wisconsin System is governed by the Board of Regents, an 18-member board, as established under Chapter 36 of the Wisconsin State Statutes. The Governor of Wisconsin appoints Board members to seven-year terms, except the two student regents who are appointed to two-year terms. The Board appoints the President of the UW System, the chancellors of the 13 universities, the chancellor of UW-Extension and UW Colleges, and the deans of the 13 colleges. All appointees serve at the pleasure of the Board. The Board also sets admission standards, reviews and approves university budgets, and establishes the regulatory framework within which the individual units operate.

View Chart of 2013-2014 Distribution of Segregated Fees


2013-2014 Segregated Fee Budget

View 2013-2014 Segregated Fee Budget as PDF