Upcoming Events

Diversity Committee
Tue Jan 27 @ 5:00PM - 06:00PM

Come to our weekly meetings in room 4001 of the SAC.

University Affairs Committee
Tue Jan 27 @ 6:00PM - 07:00PM

Meetings take place weekly in room 4001, Student Activity Center (SAC).

ASM Finance Committee
Tue Jan 27 @ 6:15PM - 09:00PM

Weekly meetings are held at 6:15 PM on Tuesdays in the Hearing Room, 4th Floor, SAC.

Sustainability Committee
Wed Jan 28 @ 5:30PM - 06:30PM

Meetings take place weekly in the Caucus Room (4th floor) of the SAC.

Shared Governance Committee
Thu Jan 29 @ 6:00PM - 07:00PM

Meetings are located in the Caucus Room, 4th Floor, SAC.

Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC)
Thu Jan 29 @ 6:30PM

SSFC meetings are on Monday and Thursday evenings in the Hearing Room, 4th Floor, SAC.


Forms and Instructions


 GSSF Comprehensive Guide 2014-2015

ASM Logo & Disclaimer

SSFC Calendar 2014-2015

Forms - General Use

  • Authorized Signer Form
    Download: DOC, PDF
  • Budget Alteration Narrative
    Download: DOC, PDF
  • Budget Alteration Excel Template
    Download: XLS
  • Co-Sponsorship Form
    Download: DOC
  • Entertainment Contract Cover Letter Template
    Download: DOC
  • Entertainment Contract
    Download: DOC
  • Wage Exemption Form
    Download: DOC, PDF

Forms - Annual Use

  • Budget Proposal Narrative
    Download: DOC, PDF
  • Budget Proposal Excel Template
    Download: XLS
  • Eligibility Application
    Download: DOC, PDF
  • Eligibility Application - First-time Request Supplement
    Download:DOC, PDF
  • End-of-Year Report Narrative
    Download: DOC, PDF
  • End-of-Year Report Excel Template
    Download: XLS
  • Equipment Inventory
    Download: DOC
  • Mid-Year Report
    Download: DOC, PDF
  • Statement of Agreement
    Download: DOC, PDF
  • Students Served Tracking Form
    Download: XLS


  • Eligibility Criteria
    Download:DOC, PDF 
  • SSFC Standing Rules
    Download: DOC, PDF

Student Hourly Employee Checklist