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Shared Governance

Shared governance is the set of practices under which university faculty, staff, and students participate in significant decisions concerning the operation of their institutions. It is widely felt that broad participation in the decision-making process increases the individual’s investment in the success of the institution. The interdependence of constituent groups at all levels of a university system’s structure requires complex coordination, excellent communication among the levels, and appropriate joint planning and execution.

Shared governance is one of the most unique and important aspects of the University of Wisconsin System. Wisconsin has some of the strongest legislation in the country that specifically protects shared governance as an institution in education. The portion that applies to students, 36.09(5), states that “students shall have the primary responsibility for the formulation and review of policies concerning student life, services, and interests…The students of each institution or campus shall have the right to organize themselves in a manner they determine and to select their representatives to participate in institutional governance.” This powerful language guarantees students a voice when decisions are made that affect them.

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