Upcoming Events

Press Office Board
Mon Sep 22 @ 5:00PM - 06:30PM

Come to our weekly meetings in room 3161 of the SAC.

Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC)
Mon Sep 22 @ 6:30PM

SSFC meetings are on Monday and Thursday evenings in the Hearing Room, 4th Floor, SAC.

Legislative Affairs Committee
Mon Sep 22 @ 7:00PM - 09:00PM

Meetings take place in the Caucus Room, 4th floor, SAC.

Diversity Committee
Tue Sep 23 @ 4:30PM - 05:30PM

Come to our weekly meetings in room 4001 of the SAC.

University Affairs Committee
Tue Sep 23 @ 6:00PM - 07:00PM

Meetings take place weekly in room 4001, Student Activity Center (SAC).

ASM Finance Committee
Tue Sep 23 @ 6:15PM - 09:00PM

Weekly meetings are held at 6:15 PM on Tuesdays in the Hearing Room, 4th Floor, SAC.


Open Positions

The ASM Nominations Board is currently hiring for the following positions. For more information, click on the position titles below:

Assistant Press Office Directors
The Press Office Assistant Director is responsible for facilitating all ASM media relations. The assistant director shall work under and take direction from the Press Office Director. This work includes, but is not limited to: writing weekly opinion/editorials, writing press releases, and writing media advisories. The press office assistant director is responsible for reading campus newspapers and blogs daily and shall be knowledgeable in all aspects of social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Please note: this position cannot serve as a representative on student council.This position is paid hourly at a rate of 9.19/hour.

Public Defender - Student Judiciary

The Public Defender shall assist individuals and organizations frame issues, arguments, and documents necessary to meaningful judicial review within the ASM student judiciary. Additionally, he or she shall work with the SSFC (Student Services Finance Committee) to educate registered student organizations about the GSSF (General Student Services Fund) eligibility process. This position is paid at 9.19/hour.

Solicitor General - Student Judiciary

The Solicitor General shall serve as a respondent on cases brought against any ASM body. He or she shall determine the cases in which ASM shall petition the Student Judiciary for relief. He or she shall promote fairness and equality in the process of Student Judiciary and shall supervise and conduct ASM litigation before the Student Judiciary. This position at paid at 9.19/hour

Associate Justice - Student Judiciary
The ASM Student Judiciary oversees ASM elections and resolves disputes between the Associated Students of Madison and other parties. Seven Student Justices appointed by the Nominations Board and confirmed by the Student Council comprise the Student Judiciary, serving four-year terms each. As an associate justice, you are expected to research, review, and be familiar with past cases, learn the ASM constitution, by-laws, and rules of procedure, operate an orderly courtroom, write decisions, hear cases, and provide an inclusive forum for student, RSOs, and election complaints.


The ASM Student Election Commission is also hiring a Social Media Coordinator. For more information and application instructions, click on the link below.




 Position Descriptions for ASM Leadership & At-Large Appointments:


At-Large Student Positions


Graduate Student Project Assistant


Student Council Leadership


Student Judiciary/Student Election Commission


Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC)


For Current Employees:  Employee Information, Timesheets and Employee Forms