Leadership & Volunteer Positions


Do you want to make your voice heard while making a difference on your campus?

The Associated Students of Madison (ASM) is accepting applications for several student positions. There are currently openings for:

Associate Justice - Student Judiciary: Associate Justices serve on the Student Judiciary, the body that oversees ASM elections and resolves disputes between ASM and other parties. To apply, click here.

Solicitor General - Student Judiciary: This is a paid student position that serves as the respondent on cases brought against any ASM body. The Solicitor General supervises and conducts ASM litigation before the Student Judiciary, as well as determining the cases in which ASM shall petition the Student Judiciary for relief. To apply, click here.

Press Office Assistant Director: The ASM Press Office ensures that the work ASM does for students is effectively communicated to the student body. These paid positions are ideal for anyone with creative advertising ideas, innovative design skills, and great communication skills. To apply, click here.

Student Council Representative: ASM’s organizing and policy work is guided by the 33 elected students on the Student Council, which meets every other Wednesday night from 6:30-11:00pm. Student Council members are also expected to serve on an ASM committee, which meets one night a week, and participate in ASM’s organizing work. Though Student Council Representatives are generally elected in the spring of each year, there are currently vacancies that will be filled through the ASM Nominations Board. Appointees for Student Council would serve until April 30, 2016. The vacancies are for the College of Engineering, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences/Veterinary Medicine, Graduate School, and School of Medicine & Public Health. To apply, click here.

Conference Selection Committee: This committee reviews and selects students from across campus to attend student conferences throughout the country. There is one available seat and any student enrolled at UW-Madison is eligible to apply. To apply, click here.

Green Fund Advisory Board: This committee evaluates all applications for the Student Green Fund. Members will rank applications on a 15-point scale for recommendation to the ASM Finance Committee. There is one available seat and any student enrolled at UW-Madison is eligible to apply. To apply, click here.


Applications for all positions are due by noon on Thursday, September 10. For questions, email the ASM Nominations Board: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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