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Student Judiciary: Associated Justice, Public Defender

Gain first-hand experience resolving student conflicts by serving on the Associated Students of Madison (ASM) Student Judiciary. The Student Judiciary is a group of students that review and decide student appeals involving space allocations, financial allocations, and ASM elections. Any currently enrolled student is eligible to serve on the Student Judiciary. If you’re committed to helping other students seek justice then these positions are for you.  

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Student Council Representative: ASM’s organizing and policy work is guided by the 33 elected students on the Student Council, which meets every other Wednesday night at 6:30pm. Student Council members are also expected to serve on an ASM committee, which meets one night a week, and participate in ASM’s organizing work. Though these seats are generally elected in the spring of each year, there are currently vacancies for the following schools/colleges that will be filled by the ASM Nominations Board: Graduate School (3 seats), School of Human Ecology/Nursing/Pharmacy. Appointees for Student Council would serve until April 30, 2017. 

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Below is a listing of the volunteer & leadership roles in ASM. This is not a list of vacant positions.

At-Large Student Positions

Graduate Student Project Assistant

Student Council Leadership

Student Judiciary/Student Election Commission

Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC)

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