Upcoming Events

Press Office Board
Mon Nov 24 @ 5:00PM - 06:30PM

Come to our weekly meetings in room 3161 of the SAC.

Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC)
Mon Nov 24 @ 6:30PM

SSFC meetings are on Monday and Thursday evenings in the Hearing Room, 4th Floor, SAC.

Legislative Affairs Committee
Mon Nov 24 @ 7:00PM - 09:00PM

Meetings take place in the Caucus Room, 4th floor, SAC.

Diversity Committee
Tue Nov 25 @ 4:30PM - 05:30PM

Come to our weekly meetings in room 4001 of the SAC.

University Affairs Committee
Tue Nov 25 @ 6:00PM - 07:00PM

Meetings take place weekly in room 4001, Student Activity Center (SAC).

ASM Finance Committee
Tue Nov 25 @ 6:15PM - 09:00PM

Weekly meetings are held at 6:15 PM on Tuesdays in the Hearing Room, 4th Floor, SAC.


Committee Directory

Standing Committees:

Standing committees are committees that meet regularly and are consistent year to year. They generally advise departments and offices or focus on a specific issue. Students are appointed to these committees in the spring and fall of each year. A quick reference guide is available here.



List of all committees:

Academic Advising, Council on *

Academic Misconduct Panels *

Access and Accommodations in Instruction, Committee on *

Achievement Gap Project Advisory Board

Alcohol License Review Committee (City of Madison)

Arboretum Committee

ASM Foundation

Athletic Board *

Better Business Bureau Student Ambassador

Bicycle-Pedestrian Subcommittee of the Campus Transportation Committee *

Campus Diversity and Climate Committee *

Campus Planning Committee *

Campus Transportation Committee *

Center for the First-Year Experience Advisory Committee

Central Madison Business Improvement District Board (City of Madison)

Collegiate Link Software Implementation Committee

Dean of Education, Student Advisory Board for the Office of the

Dean of Students, Advisory Committee for the Office of the *

Dean of Students, Student Advisory Board for the Office of the

Disability Issues, President's Advisory Committee on (UW System)

Diversity Planning Committee, Ad Hoc

Educational Innovation (EI) Advisory Committee

End Violence on Campus (EVOC) Committee

Equity and Diversity, Advisory Committee for the Office of *

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Issues Committee*

Healthcare Advisory Board *

Information Technology Committee *

Joint Southeast Campus Area Committee (City of Madison)

Joint West Campus Area Committee (City of Madison)

Labor Licensing Policy Committee *

Lakeshore Nature Preserve Committee *

Lectures Committee *

Letters & Sciences Curriculum Committee

Library Committee *

Limited Term Employee (LTE) Advisory Committee

Madison Undergraduate Initiative (MIU) Oversight Board

Memorial Library Committee *

Morgridge Center Advisory Board *

Multicultural Student Center (MSC) Advisory Board

Non-Academic Misconduct Panel *

Non-Resident Tuition Appeals Committee *

Rape Crisis Center Advisory Board

Recreational Sports Board *

Registrar, Student Advisory Board for the Office of *

Residence Halls Advisory Board

School of Education Equity & Diversity Committee

School of Education Global Education Committee

School of Education Information Technology Policy Advisory Committee

School of Education Outreach and Partnerships Steering Committee

School of Education Programs Committee

Space and Remodeling Policies Committee *

Student Information Technology Initiative Advisory Committee (SITIAC)

Student Organizations, Committee on

Student Transportation Committee

Sustainability, Advisory Board for the Office of

Teaching Awards Committee *

Tenant Resource Center Contract Advisory Board

Undergraduate Recruitment, Admissions, and Financial Aid Committee *

Union Council *

University Academic Planning Council *

University Assessment Council *

University Bookstore Board of Trustees *

University Childcare Committee *

University General Education Committee

University Honors Committee *

WisCEL Advisory Board

Wisconsin Experience Co-Sponsorship Fund Review Committee

WSUM Governance Board


*Designates committees organized through the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty


Short Term (Ad Hoc) Committees

Short term committees often arise unexpectedly and are created to deal with a specific issue or hiring decision. They are dissolved after completing their charge.

Current Short Term Committees


Student Employment Initiative Working Group


Previous Short Term Committees (September 2007 - present):

Administrative Process Redesign Project

Assistant Dean for Student Veteran Services Search and Screen

Campus Reaccreditation Project

Campus Safety Committee

Director of Transportation Services Search and Screen
University Chancellor Search and Screen

Vice Chancellor for University Relations Search and Screen
Vice Provost for Faculty and Staff Search and Screen