Student Council

The Student Council is comprised of 33 elected representatives and is chiefly responsible for exercising the legislative powers and duties as stipulated by Wisconsin State Statute 36.09(5). Currently, ASM is in its 23rd session, which lasts from May 2016 – April 2017.

23rd Session Student Council Representatives

23rd Session Meeting Schedule


For the 23rd session, seats on the Student Council are allocated as follows:

Business (1)
Life Sciences / Veterinary Medicine (2)
Education (1)
Engineering (2)
Freshman (4)
Graduate (6)
Human Ecology, Nursing, Pharmacy (2)
Letters and Sciences (12)
Law (1)
Medicine (1)
Special Student (1)

Every student at UW, Madison is eligible to vote for student council representatives from their school or college (i.e. students in the School of Business vote for business representatives while students in the School of Letters & Science vote for L&S representatives).

Elections for returning students are held in the spring of each year and ALL students are encouraged to vote. In addition, students who are classified and registered as Freshmen with the University Registrar are eligible to run and vote for the Freshmen seats in the fall.

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